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Some effective uses of technology in the classroom.

Are you using the following in your classroom?  If not, maybe give them a try (if relevant):

Wordle – Great tool for students to use to check that their essay’s central idea has been expressed, and an overuse of other words are not there.

iPads, iPods & iPhones to record videos– Great devices when used as tools for reviewing what students are doing and engage in meta-cognition.

Blogs To keep a diary of student learning.  Research comprehensively shows that students who participate in note taking, summarising and concept mapping are engaged in deeper thinking.  These can be used across every KLA including music, dance, PE and Mathematics.  Set it as part of their homework and give parents the addresses.  A great way for parents to stay in touch with what students are learning about in your classes.  AND it can be used for revision purposes (as long as the teacher monitors the blogs and corrects misconceptions and misunderstandings).  If you are serious about using Blogs in your classroom, see your ICT coordinator and they will HELP set your classes blogs up for you.

Mind-mapping tools  – This site has some great mind mapping tools.  The benefits of using them are that they are saved and don’t get thrown away or lost.  The disadvantages of using online mind-mapping tools is they can be time-consuming.  I have found that I only use them for assessment tasks.  Remember: Use technology smartly, not just for tech’s sake.

Sky-Drive for collaborative engagement – Talk to your ICT coordinator about how students can work on a single document collaboratively, while not even being in the same room together at the time.  Awesome collaborative tool.

Assignment dropbox for homework tasks What a great way to ensure all your students are doing their homework and, and it keeps the records for you of who submitted what and when.  Great for when it comes time for parent-teacher interviews.

You-tube videos for revision tasks There is a youtube tutorial for nearly everything at the moment and they are so easy to put on the Ed. Portal.

Conference Room – Another great Ed. Portal tool that enables your students to engage in collaboration from different places at the same time.  It is live, so when you write something, anyone else in that conference room can see what you are writing.  Talk to your ICT coordinator about how this great tool can be used in homework tasks.

MathTV.com – Did you know that students can watch Mathematics tutorials at school from this site?  It is great for reviewing content and can be used almost as like having another teacher in your room to teach skills and content.