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5 Spelling Apps for Early Years Learners

Pocket Phonics [$2.99]

This is a great app for our Prep students. It follows a similar phonic approach to our Read Write Inc program that we use at Hillcrest. Students are introduced to the sound, then they write the sound and finally they learn to blend the sounds together.


Spelling City

This very popular website has been transformed recently. Their most popular website games and spelling lists are now available for iPads. Students love playing hang mouse and unscramble the word. Parents can sign in for free and add their own spelling list which perfectly suit their child’s spelling lists.


Word Wizard [$2.99]

Another awesome spelling app! All the letters are tiles and you can choose either sound or letter name which is then spoken when the child moves the tiles to make the word. Parents can add their child’s spelling list making it a lot more fun to learn their weekly spelling lists.


The Electric Company Wordball

The Electric Company provide fun and catchy videos that explain some of the tricker spelling rules e.g silent e. Children watch the video and collect word balls and then they play a game using the Wordball. Earn points by playing to unlock more videos and games. This is an iPhone game but you can still play it on the iPad.


A+ Spelling

This app isn’t as colourful as the others but it does do something the other apps don’t. You can create your child’s personalised spelling list but you can then record the word in a voice that your child is used to hearing. Children can then practise their spelling before the app tests them on their words.


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