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Thinking outside the box with professional development at your school

Recently, as a college we ran a series of iPads in Education CPD’s.  Teachers were not required to attend, but they could come if they thought they might be useful.  We covered a range of topics including:

  • Pages
  • Keynote
  • Padlet
  • Documents by Reedle
  • Notability
  • Pinterest

To our amazement we consistently had about 30% of our very large staff turn up to these CPD’s.  Staff who genuinely wanted to learn about how they can better use tech. in their classes.  What this does is as follows:

  • Provides relevant training to staff
  • Respects teachers’ busy schedules
  • Allows all teachers to have access to CPD if they need it.

I am interested to hear form other schools and how they approach CPD.  One thing is clear though.  While I think this has worked very well for our school, I am wondering what other “outside the box” ideas others may have tried.  Thoughts?