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There has been a lot written about the usefulness of iPads in Education.  To start…the iPad is not the magic bullet solution to engage students.  It is a tool that can be used well, if you equip yourself with the right tools.  What will be listed in this blog entry, is some iPad apps., that I actually use in my teaching.  These are not apps. that I have read about or have heard were great.  Apps that I actually use and how I use them.  If this is useful to you, please give them a try yourself.  If you have some others that you actually use on a regular basis, please add by responding to this post.

Explain Everything: This is a neat screen casting app.  I use it to record little tutorials for my students to access.  There are a lot of other alternatives out there, but this one is one of the best that I have used.  One of the big advantages of this app. is that it only took me about 2 minutes to learn.  Very simple and intuitive.

iAnnotate:  Great app. for note taking.  Sure, I mainly use it in my research, but the great thing about this app. from a teaching perspective, is that it allows you to get your students to highlight text and then they can email the highlighted text to their email accounts.  It arrives in their email not as a PDF, but as actual notes that they can edit and use.

JotNot Scanner Pro:  This is a great app. for scanning students’ documents. It is pretty awesome as it has an in-built OCR which has worked very well for me to this point.

Voice Dream Reader – Text to Speech –  I use this app. when I want to read something but am running short on time.  I will open whatever the file is in voice dream and it will read it to me.  Awesome tool for students to use when proof-reading their drafts.  It’s so good to hear something read back to you.  There are many apps. like this one out there, and I have tried 3 others.  This is the best by far.  Has too many advantages to list in this post.

MyScript Calculator –  Great app. for maths teachers.  Calculates real eqations as you write them into the screen.

Too Noisy – Great app. if you can screen cast what is on your iPad to the data projector.  Gives students a visual reminder when their noise is too excessive.

Pocket – This one requires a lot of explanation. I use this one for when I find an article that I want to read, but don’t have the time to read it then and there.  Read about it online.  It’s a great app.

TuneIn Radio – Found some great channels here that I use in my classroom to play while students are working.  Creates a great atmosphere.

This is a short list of apps. that I mostly use.  There are others that are widely used in Education like Evernote, One Note, Keynote, Dropbox, YouTube, Google Maps, and so on.  I use some of these a lot, but they are mostly already known about, so I haven’t shared about them on this blog post.


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